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in ● cog ● ni ● to (inkäg'nētō) adj./adv. 1. having one's identity concealed. 2. undisclosed 3. unknown 4. disguised 

An elegant literary mystery set during the Gilded Age.

New York City, 1911. Representing the widow of a Wall Street financier, lawyer William Dysart travels to a small Long Island town with a generous offer for Miss Sybil Curtis's cottage and five acres of land. But when Sybil refuses to sell, the widow threatens to use her influence with the state to seize the property.

Intrigued by Sybil's defiance and afflicted by a growing affection for her, William develops a desire to help her that becomes an obsession he cannot define, one that tears away the facade of his life, and presents him with truths he's unprepared to face.


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"Like Edith Wharton, Gregory Murphy brilliantly captures both New York's high society's exquisite veneer and its brutish core in this compelling love story." 

-Nicola Kraus, Co-Author of The Nanny Diaries and Nanny Returns

-Yona Zeldis McDonough, Author of Breaking the Bank

“Although Gregory Murphy's Incognito takes place in 1911, its concerns could not be more timely.  This is a gorgeous book, beautifully rendered and deeply felt.” 

“A teasingly unfurled mystery.” 

-New York Press

“Murphy proves the worthy heir to both Louis Auchincloss and E. L. Doctorow.” 

-Susan Nagel, author Marie-Thérèse, Child of Terror  

-The Literary Gothamite

“Told with simple, genuine elegance.  Will captivate any reader of historical fiction.”

“More than a few surprises, bolstered by characters who step beyond cliches and into pleasing verisimilitude.”

-The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“A Chinese box of a mystery …  Gregory Murphy captures with quiet assurance the tail end of the Gilded Age in all its glittering hypocrisy.”

-The East Hampton Star

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